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What awaits me and you on this blog? Why am I blogging?

by Sefa MADAN
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Hello to myself and you.

I am writing these first articles of my blog mostly to create a map for myself. I think one of the most important requirements for being a blogger is reading. Reading literally and then rereading. To keep reading, to process and re-synthesize it and to write it with me. Here I expressed it as writing by adding me. But we can say interpretation. I started writing the blog in February 2020 and I plan to work on personal development and blog development in my first year and write them on my blog.

Of course, I will also write about my business life, travels, lifestyle, and hobbies. I will write the process in its entirety for you so that you can witness the evolution of a blog.

Instead of boring academic research on personal development, I will follow the books that are really fluent and written for everyone and complete this process with those books.

Blog development is an issue in itself. I said the issue because believe me, I don’t know where to start. You can read about my blog progress on my blog.

Let me make a note; I am writing the blog for myself. 🙂 It is always said that and it did not come to my mind, I will dedicate it to myself somewhere, this is undoubtedly I will develop as this blog is developing, undeniably, but I write mostly for you. What good is a writer without a reader, even a blogger …

Let me make a second note here, money is not important to me. :). Look, I did it again, yes we all think like that but it’s not true. This blog will grow so much that someday someone will want to take advantage of it whether I want it or not, and that day, I will make this blog bigger by taking advantage of this benefit demand. There are costs involved in keeping this blog alive, and it is often not free in experiences. But it is also true that if making money is your only motivation, it is almost certain that you will not be successful. Because money comes last in such jobs. For example, I think a blog should have at least 100 posts to make money. If you are writing once a week, you can reach this number in 2 years. Also, my personal opinion is that even if you write 100 articles in 6 months, your blog must have completed at least 1 year to earn money.

In the blog business, the first post is the snowflakes that you take in your palm, the second is the snowball you squeeze in your palm, the third is the first snow on the place that clings to your snowball you rolled in the snow, the fourth is the first round your snowball is rolling, your fifth is the new snowflakes that completely cover your first snowball. All the next articles are new snowflakes that make this snowball bigger … The article that makes money is your article that your snowball is now considered an avalanche. Moreover, after this article, all your previous articles will generate income. If you wrote your first article with the desire to earn money, unfortunately, the life of the snowball will be very short. You can assume your motivation like the slope you roll your snowball. If there is not enough inclination, that is, motivation, your snowball will disappear without an avalanche.

Let me make the third note here, I am not alone … Experienced bloggers, writers, directors, experience owners will accompany me as long as I write this blog. I have no intention of reinventing the wheel or experiencing years of experience from scratch. In addition, I will not show “Bibliography” like the academic who writes an academic text in every article, but I will not fail to cite it. I don’t want you to misunderstand, I’m not saying I’m going to steal scientific research or other people’s articles. I will write what I have experienced. You can understand what I mean by reading. However, in my blog, I will write the books I have already read, the movies I have watched, the blogs I follow and even the social media accounts and channels I follow.

So Why Did I Decide to Blog?

  1. Because I’m curious. (I have an inner passion for the words What is, Who is, How is it, Where is it.)
  2. To not forget. (My digital notebook where I can note my research and access it wherever I am)
  3. To benefit. (There is a serious difference between learning a topic so that I can teach those who follow my blog instead of just learning it. The best way to learn is to learn to teach)
  4. So that others can benefit. (My research, why should I just get away with me)
  5. Maybe because I hoped one day my hobby would be my job. (Fun-only hobbies can be easily abandoned, but hobbies with hope can be more permanent. So they can continue to be done even if they are not always fun)
  6. To increase my digital presence. (I hope that I can go beyond Social Media accounts and exist in the digital world thanks to the blog)
  7. To create and develop my own brand.

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