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What Are Coffee Brewing Methods?

by Sefa MADAN
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Students in the pre-exam and in the first hours of work in the business world add strength to their power with this magical drink. Now here I will talk to you about the new generation methods called the 3rd generation and the methods that have been used for many years. I will not mention the difference between old and new. I will write this difference in another article. Also, electric coffee machines are not included in my list. Basically, we will make coffee and water. What we need is coffee (roasted and ground coffee), heat, water, and a brewing device (apparatus). Coffee has been in our lives for over a thousand years. You can read the myths about the discovery of coffee on my blog. (You can reach the article by clicking here)

First, I will talk about two methods that I also use, and then I will touch on my research.

1. Chemex Coffee Brewing Method

Chemex Coffee Brewing Method. Photo by Alisha Hieb on Unsplash

I can say that it is my most preferred method in the last 1 month. Dr. It is a coffee brewing apparatus that emerged as a result of the work of Peter Schlumbohm that started in 1929 and ended in 1941. It is also a coffee brewing technique.

The most preferred reason is that it is practical, it contains the aromas of the coffee and the coffee is soft.

The basic principle is to brew the coffee by filtering it by pouring hot water over the coffee, which is ground properly on a paper or steel filter at the top of the device. Although paper filters have been preferred since their production, those who want to get rid of their dependence on filters (I am one of these people) have recently increased the use of steel filters. But I have to admit that a softer taste is achieved with the paper filter. However, I recommend a steel filter, at least when your paper filter runs out, you won’t run out of coffee.

The brewing time is between half a minute and 3 minutes depending on the choice and filter selection. In less than half a minute, your coffee will not be filtered and you will not be able to get your coffee, you can no longer have a soft drink in more than 3 minutes. But this does not mean that you cannot do this process in 5 minutes, if you like it and you like it, just continue.

There is literally no global standard for these coffee businesses. As with any method, you should find your own taste by trying. This brewing time determines or affects the degree of roasting of the coffee, the degree of grinding the coffee, and the type of coffee (the type of coffee is named with the region where it is grown).

For example, if you grind too coarsely, the particles will be active later and the brewing time should be longer, the finer it will be more active and the brewing time will be shorter. Coffees that are brewed for too long will have an incomprehensible taste and an unpleasant bitter and sour taste. A juicy taste is also obtained in infusions made shorter than necessary.

You can watch Chemex Coffee Brewing Method in the Videos below.

You can watch Chemex Coffee Brewing Method in This Video.
You can watch Chemex Coffee Brewing Method in This Video.

2. French Press Coffee Brewing Method

French Press Coffee Brewing Method. Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash

This method is a method that I have been using for about two years (I started in 2018 and I use it in 2020) and I have used it both at work and in my travels and even in my camps. The coffee beans are relatively coarse ground coffee and the cane holding the filter is pressed from the top and the coffee is left to brew in hot water with the filter. I think this process (I mentioned in the previous method about the brewing time and standards) should not be less than 2 minutes and more than 5 minutes.

You can watch the French Press Coffee Brewing Method in the Videos below.

You can watch the French Press Coffee Brewing Method in This Video.

3. Moka Pot Coffee Brewing Method

Moka Pot Coffee Brewing Method Photo by  Shotlist on Unsplash

I haven’t had the chance to experience this method and equipment yet.

It was invented in 1933 by an Italian engineer named Alfonso Bialetti. I call it the Italian coffee pot. Although different from our coffee pots in shape, the main difference is the vapor pressure. It is usually prepared with cold water, but you can also use hot water.

According to my research, water is poured into the lower part for its preparation, relatively finely ground coffee in the filter is put on it and leaves it to heat on the fire.

As it gets heated, the water, which is compressed and exposed to pressure, passes through the coffee in the filter and pours into the upper section through the channel reaching the upper section. This process continues until the upper section is full. When the upper part is full, the coffee is served without waiting so that it does not burn. The coffee obtained at the end of this process has an intense aroma and a strong drink.

This coffee is often referred to as espresso or mixed but not. I will mention this subject in another article. In short, espresso requires high pressure and in most cases, a machine is required for this process. The closest to the espresso coffee that can be made without the machine is the coffee obtained with the Moka Pot.

You can watch the Moka Pot Coffee Brewing Method in the Videos below.

You can watch the Moka Pot Coffee Brewing Method in This Video.

4. Aeropress Coffee Brewing Method

Aeropress Coffee Brewing Method. Photo by Goran Ivos on Unsplash

Almost a century passed when Moka Pot was rivaled. Aeropress, invented by the flying disc (Frisbee) manufacturer Aerobie in 2005, is the pressure brewing method of coffee. Again, the machine is used for making espresso, but not espresso. However, it suddenly became popular around the world. It is possible to capture different flavors and aromas.

Preparation of; The ground coffee is put into the device, boiled water is added on it, a filter is attached and the coffee is passed through the filter by placing the mechanism in a glass and applying pressure to the device with your pressure arms. The pressure here is as much as the power that the cup rests on, the mechanism endures, and the power you can apply. The apparatus is usually plastic.

Honestly, it didn’t attract me much attention. Maybe I’ll buy it to try it one day in the future, but I don’t want to drink coffee prepared in plastic equipment. But do not be stuck in my opinion. There are many fanatics in the world …

You can watch the Aeropress Coffee Brewing Method from the Video Below.

You can watch the Aeropress Coffee Brewing Method in This Video.

5. V60 Coffee Brewing Method (Hario V60 Dripper)

V60 Coffee Brewing Method (Hario V60 Dripper). Photo by Goran Ivos on Unsplash

It is the product of the Hario brand in Japan. Similar to Chemex, but can be made directly into a glass or cup. It simply has a funnel-shaped structure and a paper filter is placed in this apparatus, a suitable amount of ground coffee is put into it, and the brewed coffee is filled by pouring hot water from the top into the glass or into the cup. This brewing apparatus can be glass, porcelain or copper.

Now here I am explaining these brewing methods roughly, but they all have tricks, you can know a separate article title.

I want to try this method in the coming months or years.

You can watch the V60 Coffee Brewing Method from the Video Below.

You can watch the V60 Coffee Brewing Method in this Video.

PS: I added my thoughts here, maybe it will answer the questions in your mind …

You may say, I need to pour boiled water for so much trouble, and my coffee is ready in 10 seconds. This is also a matter of preference, so I cannot add it as a brewing method, but if you like to drink this beverage, I am not going to tell you that it is wrong, this is right here, you will still search and find the right thing, you know. You say nice, nice, but coffee preparation equipment is very expensive !!! Yes, I consider it relatively expensive. Is cigarettes cheap for smokers? Likewise, so is alcohol .. Or is the sound system you install in your car cheap? Or is PlayStation cheap? Are the pleasures you can’t count and spend money on cheap? Of course not … I saved 3 months to buy a coffee grinder. I generally do not drink any water-soluble herbal drink (including tea). I am not from the Koç family either, of course, some of the methods I described above are my experiences and some of the research. There is equipment that I do not have yet, I hope in time.

But I think if you say I will drink coffee, first buy at least a French Press and either buy ground coffee from the coffee shop (again preferably Kahve Dünyası or Starbucks) and consume your coffee within 10 days to drink coffee.

Second, buy a coffee grinder and grind your coffee yourself.

Third, get a Chemex.

Fourthly ….. I am joking, fourth is no, these three are enough, after that it’s up to you. Of course, my opinion is that, it went like this for a long time, I was bored, why not if you say I will try something new.

I’m at that stage right now I want to try something new, I have Moka Pot in mind.

Thank you for reading. You can contribute to me by subscribing to the newsletter or following my social media accounts, and you can be informed about my new articles.

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