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Snow hiking from Çameli to Gölhisar

by Sefa MADAN
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Every journey has always had a story to be told with excitement.

M. Cuma

Our journey extends from Denizli’s Çameli district to Burdur’s Gölhisar district. On our way under the snow, we are moving on snow exceeding 1 meter from time to time. Although our road is 15 km, our walk takes 5-6 hours with rest periods and slow progress in the snow. In this walk, we are from Çameli, but we are guests of the DOĞADEN trekking group. Our volunteer guide Abdülmelik Akkan. Let’s walk …

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We start our journey in Çameli from Kınıkyeri Neighborhood.

Çameli Kınıkyeri neighborhood is the first neighborhood of Çameli when you come from Denizli direction of Çameli (I prefer to say village because the way of life is village life even though the metropolitan law changes the names of these places). However, with the opening of the new road, the number of people visiting the village has decreased. For this beautiful village, it should come the old way … There is a bakery, market, coffee shop and toilet to meet your needs before starting the road in the village center. Here, in the coffee shop in the village center, we have our breakfast with the people in our bags at the hot stove accompanied by morning tea. After breakfast, we start our walk with a steep climb from the village center.

Our climbing both warms us up and forces us to say whether it is over towards the end or not at the beginning of the road. But although this is a rough start, the road is much longer. When we complete our steep climb, we take a break, drink our tea and coffee next to us, and eat the ones in our bag. Of course, we chat and take a lot of photos during the break.

Walking on the plain is easier than the previous climb, again we have slight ups and downs. After a while, we come to the place called Kocagöl or Kocayayla Lake. Of course, the lake is not in the middle, under the snow. It is a temporary lake formed in Spring. Shepherds come here to graze their sheep and goats in spring and summer.

Most of our walk is without a road, we make our own way. After passing Kocayayla Lake, we dive into the wooded area. Every place we look at is a postcard. There are excellent snow views. Our road, meandering between trees, is now downhill. After advancing for a while, we slide down to the forest road.

From here on, we will embrace history. Meanwhile, the province of Denizli remained behind. We are now in Burdur. The textures of history began to appear from afar. We are proud to see the ruins of the ancient city of Koskoca established on the slope, but again we regret that today’s city is located on the plain that could be agricultural land.

I want to open a parenthesis here. (Are we fools?) Why do we cover beautiful beaches and fertile soils with concrete? Someone who can explain this, please explain. I have a lot to say, but this time I don’t want to miss out on the beautiful walk.

After advancing for a while, we come to Kibyra Ancient City. We salute and pass this city along our walking route. Now is neither the time nor the time to travel history. The weather is cold and we are tired, and Kibyra is not a city to be visited on foot, but a magnificent Roman city in which 80,000 people lived in its time spread over a wide area. We promise to visit the city and continue our walk.

Our walk ends when we get on our vehicles waiting for us at the entrance of the ancient city of Kibyra. Thinking that we deserve our meal, we find ourselves in a local restaurant, and then we relieve our tiredness while sipping our coffee at a local coffee stop. Black cumin coffee is famous here. Frankly, I couldn’t replace coffee, maybe I shouldn’t drink it with the expectation of coffee. My black cumin coffee did not suit my taste very well and I drank Turkish coffee. However, I do not want to be unfair, many people fainted and drank. I think the problem is with me.

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