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Martin Eden – Audiobooks

by Sefa MADAN
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Martin Eden is a novel written by Jack London. But there is also a personal development book. In fact, it can be more successful than many personal development books with its clear emphasis on the price of success and its realistic approach, which is not mentioned much in many lousy personal development books. In this article, I will not give spoilers and will write in general terms and how they made me feel.

When you listen to the book, it is immediately clear that the author was inspired by his own life. The title of the book and the book, which is about a part of the life of the main character, Martin Eden, makes the audience experience Martin’s ordeal to achieve what he wants with his struggle for life, ambition and determination throughout the book. The book is a book that can be listened to for motivation purposes by those who want to start a business, especially those who want to be a writer. It can also be listened to just to experience a quality novel.

Martin Eden is also a bit of a romance and a bit of an adventure novel. It’s hard to read the book in your comfortable chair and not scrutinize it afterwards. Although, when you listen to the end of the book, it can have a reverse motivational effect, but it should be remembered that there is a fictional novel somewhere.

In conclusion, I was pleased to listen to Martin Eden’s novel written by Jack London and I recommend it whether you read it or listen to it.

I listened to this book on the Storytel app.

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