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How to Upload Videos to Youtube Faster?

by Sefa MADAN
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One word of answer !!! Does not load. Here I will talk about how to reduce the size of the same video without reducing the resolution and without losing quality. In this way, you will upload the same video you have in a shorter time, not faster.

Let me refute the myths a bit, then I will come to the solution …

I am sharing the result of a painful experience with you.

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Myth 1: If you connect with your mobile phone, it will load videos on youtube faster.

I read long articles, watched videos that were nonsense. No sir If you connect from your mobile phone instead of wifi, the video will load faster. No more. Friends, this situation is entirely due to the high upload speed of the operator.

Result: I finish my internet package in 1 video. Quick or yes solution? No.

My Limited Mobile Internet Connection Speed
My Unlimited Home Internet Connection Speed

Myth 2: You edit and export 1080p video with an application on the mobile phone, there is no video loss, but the file size (gb, mb) decreases.

Your clumsy (totally) lie !!!

This misconception comes from that the computer we use at home is 5 years old, but despite this, we change phones every 2 years, sometimes even within the same year. As such, the technology of the phones is newer. As a result of this, we cannot detect the image that we took with the beautiful mobile phone camera, even if we reduce the resolution with an application on the mobile phone, it looks better than the computer in our house 5 years ago. After all, we say I did it. That doesn’t work like that. What computers are there. We see it as garbage on the huge screen that your eye cannot perceive from the tiny screen.

Result: The image is like mud. Solution? Not the solution!

There are more legends, but let’s put a stop here with these two and move on to the main issue.

Friends, yes I just started Youtube like you, (I say to those who have the claims above), but do not do it, please do not make unnecessary information pollution to new people. You cool the guy from being a youtuber.

Let’s come to the new YouTubers like me who read this article. I say the new YouTuber because I don’t think any experienced friend is running after this job.

How to upload the same video to Youtube in a shorter time (I am not saying faster, you cannot exceed the speed) without degrading the quality and reducing the resolution.

By reducing the file size. While doing this, using new generation codecs that never distort the image.

First of all, let me clarify this. You cannot increase the upload speed. This is not up to you or me. You can never exceed the limits set by the internet provider (ttnet, Turkcell Super Online or others) and Youtube. Do not waste time, we are not the only vigilant of the world. I hope you have given up fast video uploading to Youtube now. I said 4K 60 FPS in the province and I had videos that I expected to load for 70 hours. I was using ttnet the speed was 1Mpbs. There is no fiber infrastructure. Now Turkcell Superbox has come to my rescue and I see 5 Mpbs.

The year 2020, except for a few video cameras (DSLR, action camera, drone, mobile phone, video camera), there are no cameras that shoot in H265 format. I can’t even get H265 output with DaVinci Resolve, the video editing program I use. However, H265 ensures that the file size of the same video is less with its new generation compressed code structure. Also good news is Youtube supports it. Therefore, if we are going to upload the videos we shot directly and upload them after editing, we will encode them as H265.

This is a simple operation and the only valid method. You can do this with the Handbrake application. For more information on HandBrake, read my Handbrake review post. As you can see in the image below, after making the other settings properly with our video, we select the H265 codec and click the Start Coding button. The result is the same video, the same quality, less file size.

Instead of uploading videos faster, make an effort to upload them in less size.

Fewer size results in the same video being uploaded to Youtube in less time.

I hope it was useful for you.

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