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How Long Should Youtube Uploaded Videos Be?

by Sefa MADAN
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Hello friends; I am here with a question that has been the subject of many legends.

The answer is in a single sentence: The more you can watch it should be.

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After asking myself this question at length and researching it, I share the result with you. While doing this sharing, I will give examples from my own channel, but you should adapt it to your own channel. First of all, if you have a certain category, it is easier for you to determine the time of the videos. But my channel has no category, it’s a youtube channel based on my experience. However, this does not mean that you have to set a schedule and have to have random video minutes unattended. Here I will make time determinations accordingly.

I believe that non-categorized channels, that is, those who share more VLOG and experiences, will benefit more from this post, but the post contains general information for all existing and upcoming youtube channels. Within certain categories of channels, they will find something for themselves in the article.

Let’s come to the answer to the question; How long should the videos uploaded to YouTube be?

To answer this question, we must first ask new questions … give honest answers, please. I assume the questions and answers here are the same for anyone reading this post.

Is my Youtube channel for income? Yes (the answer “I don’t have an eye on stamps for money, it is enough to cover the costs of equipment and advertising” is considered yes)

Does my Youtube channel benefit my own development? Yes (Cognitive, psychological or economic benefit.)

Does my Youtube channel help others to improve? Yes (Cognitive, psychological, or economic benefit.)

If all three of the answers to the above questions are not YES for you, then you may not read the rest of the article. But if you are thinking about how to say YES on my channel entertainment (chuckling), check out how much it does to people with a dose of laughter. You will set the dose here.

Let’s proceed with those whose answers to all questions are YES …

Let’s clarify this situation and get into the subject. If you have a youtube page, you know, youtube pays more attention to traceability and audience retention than viewing. Where do I know? It is clear that 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of viewing are required to turn on YouTube monetization. Why not 4000 views? But we are still obsessed with being displayed. We’ll talk about this at length, but I’m assuming you’re obsessed with watching right now. You should too.

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Let’s recall the question; How long should the videos uploaded to YouTube be?

For my channel, I chose the following minutes 3, 7, 11, 23, and 37. I’ll explain why. You may have noticed that the numbers I chose are all prime numbers. I respect prime numbers and believe in its magic. Not counting the categorical point of view, there is no other reason.

Now I want to tell you that an ad type (there are several ad types / forms) on Youtube cannot be added to videos under 10 minutes. Others have said and have told you there will never be less than 10 minutes of video. Do you remember my answer at the beginning of the topic? “The more you can watch, the more it should be.” Go to Ayhan Sicimoğlu channel on Youtube. Most of the videos (Colors Film) are between 40 and 50 minutes. If you have such a project, do it for 1 hour, who or what

If we assume that we are not like Ayhan Sicimoğlu (I am not), let’s continue.

What happens when you are dealing with a topic that will be explained in 3 minutes because you will continue for 10 minutes?

You’re stealing the time of your subscribers or viewers? In the first place, you become a time thief. So what if I, as your subscriber or viewer, realize that you are trying to steal my most precious asset? I report to the police? But I know that time theft has no penalty in our laws. A lawyer should consult this issue. But I will do my best. For example, I don’t follow your channel anymore. I don’t watch your videos.

If you don’t believe videos under 10 minutes will be successful, think about how many 10-minute music clips are there?

If the subject has 3 minutes, the video should be 3 minutes. So what to do if the subject is right for less than 3 minutes? I do not include these topics on my channel. I don’t think a topic that takes less than 3 minutes will benefit me and anyone else. Besides, I cannot explain a subject before 3 minutes, as I like to explain with examples and details and find it more useful. I think no one can explain it, only a definition is made in that time. It is a personal inference if you have an issue that is worth it and you think it should take how long do it. But since I had to have a plan, a business strategy, I chose at least 3 minutes.

Although I sometimes find solutions to the problems I encounter in Youtube, DaVinci Resolve, and WordPress for a long time, I will not forget that it is a 3-minute thing and the videos I have prepared so that it will benefit someone else, that is, the videos mostly for educational purposes, are in this time period.

Why 7 minutes and not 5?

Because I do not believe that something valuable can be done in 5 minutes, 3 minutes if simple is enough, at least 7 minutes if valuable. Again, it is my personal opinion, if your channel strategy is “practical work in 5 minutes”, every video on your channel should be 5 minutes, no matter what they say. My strategy consists of simple jobs, valuable jobs, troublesome jobs, review videos, training videos, and VLOGs.

Why 11 minutes and not 10 minutes?

Our aim is to generate income in one place! So, as I mentioned at the beginning, Youtube does not give some ad types under 10 minutes. You made a video, and if it’s exactly 11 minutes, that’s okay, your video took exactly 10 minutes. (I’m not referring to the seconds) I recommend you to extend it for 1 more minute. I think that this extra 1 minute is your (my) right in addition to 10 minutes of labor. I believe this 1 minute is fair. Provided that I do not stupid that I will extend it for 1 minute.

Also, Youtube evaluates our channel according to our most watched time. We also know statistically that 10-12 minute videos are more recommended. Why should he stay in 10 minutes? Did we ignore our income by making our videos for 3 minutes and 7 minutes when necessary?

In fact, to be honest, I believe that it is necessary not to make a video for less than 10 minutes (11 minutes on my channel (1 minute would be a drop-by-drop), it would be 1 million minutes if 1 million people watch it). But just with this belief, I do not intend to steal anyone’s time. This is a line between morality and the wallet. I try to be fair and stay on the moral side. The line is different for everyone these days …

Why 23 minutes when most people and statistics say the video should not exceed 12 minutes?

23 minutes because I was stuck with the moral or wallet, again.

Sometimes training videos, especially for business life, require that the subject should not be divided. One person took your time (he chose me) sat at the head of the screen and watched for 11 minutes, the fully concentrated video is over, the rest is in the other part … Don’t do it guys, a little respect. But don’t exceed 23 minutes. Studies show that a learner (regardless of age) can stay concentrated for an average of 3 or 5 or 20 minutes. As a result, I think it is an ideal time, assuming you talk about your video for 2-3 minutes at the beginning of the video and prepare your subscribers or viewers for the lesson. Usually, such videos are formed in series and the minutes are easy to adjust, but the end of the series is 5 minutes, neither does it go down to 3 minutes, nor does it go up to 7 minutes. If you are a disciplined person somehow it will be 3 or 7 minutes, but whatever you say, it doesn’t matter. You will not spoil your strategy with a 10% non-sat strategy move on your channel. Don’t push too hard, don’t hurt yourself, don’t get depressed, but stick to your strategy in the next video.

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Brother everybody says don’t exceed 12 minutes, you said 37 minutes, what did you do?

I am a bit of a shame right … What a shame I’m kidding. If you forgot, let me remind you, the longer you can watch it should be. The scenario is as follows: I got bored and went exploring a place I had never been to, my camera is in my hand, but what discovery I brought under it and I want to share this journey with my subscribers. What should I do? Should I go to the next section every 11 minutes? Do not torture your subscribers. Of course, I recommend this to those who have TRAVEL and VLOG. This does not happen in a matter like education. (I don’t think it would be, but those who shoot training videos on KPSS, etc., do well, since they are used to a 40-minute lesson from the joint and school environment.) If you are shooting a video of a city or a day, present it as a whole. But don’t overdo it either. I said not to exaggerate now, I shame Ayhan evening dresses. It can be 40 minutes, 50 minutes, even 60 minutes. If you can watch it and the viewer doesn’t think that his time is stolen, it’s okay, friends, but let’s stay for 60 minutes.

Well, I saw 10 hours of video on Youtube?

Probably the video you see looks like this. 10 hours!

When I start working on the weekend, I open in the background, it increases my productivity and I don’t need to change it every other two. I use premium no ads. If you have such a project, it will take 10 hours.

Don’t forget!!!

Every goal has its own result. Although my conclusions here are sometimes based on scientific and statistical grounds, they are the result of my personal goals and conviction. As part of a plan and our business strategy, the length of videos added to Youtube “should be as long as you can watch.”

Stephen Hawking sought the theory for everything, despite his difficult life but could not find it. If your life purpose is not to find the theory of everything, “which I respect Stephen Hawking very much, that subject is different” I hope that you choose the appropriate theory for your purpose and work to improve this theory …

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