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HandBrake Review (Highly Recommended)

by Sefa MADAN
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I have not been in this video business for a long time, but among the researches and programs I have used during my time, I can describe the HandBrake application as follows: The smallest, simplest, most useful, best quality. Moreover, as if these were not enough, it is Open Source, and free. They don’t even give this application with money. However, they subscribe, you pay monthly, annually. (It refers to Adobe.) Moreover, it is supported on every platform (Windows, Linux, mac).

If you are convinced so far, you can download it from this address. No, if you are not convinced, continue reading, I should put the address here.

Download Handbrake

Let’s get the details …

Why Do I Choose Handbrake? Why Should It Be Preferred?

  1. It is free and open-source. You don’t need to worry about licensing and advertising on the right and left of the video.
  2. Only 13 MB. It can always be downloaded in seconds.
  3. User-friendly simple interface. It does not feel foreign even when using it for the first time.
    • Drag-drop, Choose one of the presets (for example Youtube), Let him begin the translation. If you want, it will convert the videos in the whole folder in order.
  4. Rich Preset option and can be adjusted manually if you want. It can be adjusted in FPS.
  5. Rich codec options. Moreover, you can include hardware in the business.
  6. To be able to make corrections and add subtitles.
  7. What happens to the computer when it’s done? Do you turn it off or put it to sleep? (This feature may seem simple but very vital) It works for you while you sleep.
  8. Would you like to determine the video quality with RF or kbps?

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