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Discovery Coffee ( Coffee, Kahve, Kahva, Kehve, Kaffe, Kahvi, Kaffi, Kopi, Kafiya, Kafa)

by Sefa MADAN
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Although there are academic and scientific studies done today to understand the discovery of coffee, legends and rumors did not remain idle. I will mention 4 legends and rumors that have been told from language to language for years. The first of these has been described from Abyssinia (now Ethiopia), which is accepted as the homeland of coffee as a result of current academic and scientific studies.

Coffee Discovery: Shepherd Kaldi

While shepherd Kaldi grazes his goats in the forests of the Kaffa region of Abyssinia, he realizes that the goats are very energetic on the days when they eat the fruits of a kind of bush-like plant and that the goats do not want to sleep even that day. In fact, we might think that the true discoverers of coffee are Kaldi’s goats. Shepherd Kaldi himself feels energetic as a result of eating this plant and tells this fruit to others. According to this legend, coffee was discovered by Shepherd Kaldi and his goats between 575-850. According to the legend, the transformation of this plant into a drink is as follows. Shepherd Kaldi describes the effects of this fruit to a Sufi Dervish nearby. Dervish initially disapproves of this and throws the coffee fruits into the burning hearth. The coffee beans roasted over the fire give off their familiar fragrance and cover the room with their attractive scent. Dervish changes his mind and Kaldi and Dervish boil the roasted beans in water to consume them. Then the first coffee drink is prepared. According to legend, Dervish drank this drink to stay awake during long prayer nights.

Coffee Discovery: Prophet Solomon

According to the rumor, Solomon sees that everybody is sick in a city he visited during his journey. For the cure of the disease, the Angel of Gabriel tells the Prophet Solomon to roast coffee beans. Thereupon, Prophet Solomon ensures that the coffee beans are roasted and a drink is prepared from it. This beverage prepared helps everyone in the city to get rid of their illness. According to this rumor, Prophet Solomon is considered to be the first person to drink coffee.

Coffee Discovery: Sheikh Şazeli

Rumor has it that Sheikh Şazeli was the first person to drink coffee. He is a Sofu dervish (you remember Shepherd Kaldi). Like Shepherd Kaldi, Sheikh Shazeli is from Abyssinia. It is rumored that Sheikh Şezali drank coffee to pray more at night.

Although Sheikh Şazeli’s narration seems to coincide with that of Shepherd Kaldi, I could not find a source that confirms this.

Coffee Discovery: Ez Zebhani

Another rumor is Ez Zebhani who discovered coffee. His real name is Jamaleddin Abu Abdullah Muhammed ibn Said. Ez Zebhani sees that while he is in Etiopya, people drink coffee, a beverage he did not know about. Ez Zebhani, who is from Yemen, falls ill when he returns to his country and feels tired, exhausted and lifeless. He thinks of drinking coffee and he drinks coffee. Coffee heals and invigorates it. As can be understood from this rumor, Ez Zebhani does not discover coffee in the mountains. Today, it is known that Coffee spreads from Yemen to the world. However, it is known that the homeland of coffee is Abyssinia (now Ethiopia). Ez Zebhani could be the person who discovered coffee outside of Yemen and spread it outside of Abyssinia.

Although the legends and rumors here differ slightly in many places, they essentially have the same ideas. As you read the narrations here, you may think that the real discoverer of coffee is Shepherd Kaldi and his goats. Because this is not a neutral article. Like many coffee lovers, I have adopted this legend. As a matter of fact, these other legends and narrations do not refute. Because even today, new discoveries about coffee are being tried and new coffee drinking discoveries are made with new brewing techniques.

Legends and myths aside, we consume millions of cups of Kahve every day in today’s world. The continuation of this first article of the Passion for Coffee section will be in this category. As a coffee enthusiast, I put all subjects related to coffee, from the dusty pages of history, legends and today’s coffee concept to the blog (like putting a subject on the table)


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