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by Sefa MADAN
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I say hello to you with a brand new article. You’ve experienced the feeling of traveling, seeing and exploring, and you’ve promised yourself that you need to do it more often as you return with the sense of discovery you experience every trip and trip. However, this word has been erased from our memory due to what daily life brings. I’ve been in the same situation for a long time. A slightly different situation is my person. I want to discover myself too. I loved exploring new places other than my first business world, which I discovered on my own journey, and I even became addicted as a result of this action I held on consecutive weekends. When we are addicted to Eeee, it is not easy to leave, but we are stuck at home when we say both my business world and family life, epidemic disease (corona). Don’t get me wrong, I go to work every day, if I could stay at home these days, I am not at home all the time, my sense of exploration remained closed to my home. Then, when I was traveling, look at this book, it would be good while visiting, because there is useful information, Ayhan Sicimoğlu’s book, Kargadan Other Bird Recognition, caught my eye in my library. I was at home on a Saturday and started reading. Then I got up and watched a video tour of a chapter I noticed in the book on the youtube page. It was as you guessed it, my sense of discovery moved a little. It wouldn’t be the same now, but you seem to say. Yes, it is not the same, but you learn something new, your mind wanders around for a moment. What is missing is the smell of the air and the wind blowing … But you add this place to your trip list digitally, you now know that place and this will allow us to explore in depth when you go to visit there. I haven’t tasted it yet, of course, in the days I wrote these days, I only travel digitally, I haven’t traveled digital places alive and bloody yet. But just imagine how you had a deep pleasure after you felt lost in a place you went to for the first time, got a guide, a promotional brochure and said a little “huh ok”. Here, based on this, “… will allow us to explore in depth.” I say. We can also include books, magazines and promotional brochures written about the region, if there is a subject to Digital Travel.

There are many tools for digital travel in the digital world. With my current limited knowledge, I am sharing what I know with you. However, those who follow my blog, and this article will be able to find more over time. This post is of the type of constantly updated post. You can subscribe to the Newsletter from the bottom right of the page to be informed about updates and new articles.


I think it is a platform that is at the beginning of being able to say “I Travel Digital”. Because both audible, visual and emotional. If you ask how it is emotional in sound and visual, I’m talking about the emotion of the narrator. Sometimes this feeling passes to you, sometimes it doesn’t. As I have read and watched a lot these days, I will put Ayhan Sicimlogu’s youtube page at the top of my recommendations. But when you type a place in the search bar on youtube, it is impossible not to see a video about that place. Those who do their job professionally like Ayhan Sicimoğlu are undoubtedly good, but sometimes featuring local and amateurs in these videos will add a different flavor to your Digital Travel.

Google Earth

When it comes to digital, the name of Google must be mentioned somewhere. (a google service on youtube) Google Earth is a very successful service when you say let me see its streets. You are traveling almost step by step in cities that have the opportunity to travel in 3D. Of course you can see it, but it cannot give us the feeling of course. However, both the navigable photos taken with Google’s 360-degree tool and the 360-degree photos added by some users manage to impress us a little.

Earthcam (to watch live)

You can navigate with Google Earth, but you cannot watch it live. Here Earhcam allows us to watch live with fixed cameras. Yes I know it is not a substitute for being there, but if we were there, this solution would not be necessary. In addition to many HD cameras on the website, it also directs live cameras outside the website of the city you are looking for.

3-D Visitable Museums

In today’s digital age, it is now possible to visit many museums digitally. Below, I leave the link of the museums that can be visited in 3D.

This article will continue to be updated after new discoveries …. Do not forget to subscribe to the Newsletter …

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